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International Association of Certified Home Inspectors


Property Watch

When you choose Advanced Home Inspections Property Watch Services, you are getting a certified, experienced Home Inspector to not only watch your Highlands County home, but to perform an abbreviated home inspection with each visit.

Most people are unaware that Property Watch Services are completely unregulated in Florida. There are no requirements of any kind by the state such as knowledge, licensing, insurance, or a criminal background check. AHI meets all of the previous mentioned requirements and more, through the state by being a licensed Home Inspection Company.

All property watch inspections are personally performed by me, the owner-David Lehman, to give you the confidence of a quality inspection with each visit.

What can I expect on my Property Watch Inspection Report?

EXTERIOR INSPECTION: a visual inspection of irrigation, grounds, landscaping, windows, doors, roof, pool, etc. Removal of any newspapers, flyers, etc, to make the home appear to be occupied.

INTERIOR INSPECTION: a visual inspection for water intrusion, mold, pests, evidence of water leaks or other potential problems. Exercise all plumbing fixtures, filling all drain traps to prevent sewer gas from entering the home.

MECHANICAL INSPECTION: a visual inspection of water heater, air handler and pans, also change filters (supplied by home owner).

ELECTRICAL INSPECTION: test light fixtures that are on timers, and check panel box for tripped breakers or evidence of a power surge.

We have over 28 years of experience in all aspects of the construction industry. We will use this knowledge and training to personally perform the inspection. In the event that a problem arises, we would oversee the repairs using the Service Providers that you have indicated on the Service Provider Contact List.

Basic Services

Exterior Inspection List:

Ensure all entrances are secure: visual check for evidence of forced entry, vandalism, theft or damage; check outside faucets and hoses for leaks; removal of newspapers, flyers and other evidence of non occupancy; visual inspection of roof and gutters from the ground; visual inspection of yard/landscaping to assure regular maintenance; check that irrigation system reflects accurate time.

Interior Inspection List:

Inspect for signs of theft, vandalism, damage or other disturbances; check that all windows and entryways are secure; check security system is set and working properly; check inside lighting timers set accordingly; visual inspection for signs of pests or unusual insect activity; note any unusual odors; visual inspection of walls, ceiling, windows, tubs, showers for evidence of water damage, leakage, mold or mildew; check that thermostat is set at correct temperature; check that freezers, refrigerators and disposals are working; visual check of hot water heater and AC pans; replace batteries in smoke detectors; check panel box for tripped breakers or evidence of power surge; reset clocks and timers as needed.

You decide the frequency of inspections per month. Each inspection/visit is a $25 charge. AHI recommends a minimum of 2 inspections/visits each month.

  • Weekly: $100
  • Bi Monthly: $50
  • Monthly: $25

You will receive an emailed report with each inspection/visit and be billed each month.

Additional Services By Request

  • Meet Service Providers/Deliveries: $20/hour (Minimum charge of 1 hour).
  • Closing Services: $30
    Empty perishables from the refrigerator, empty and turn off ice-maker, close blinds, set HVAC system to away settings, unplug electrical items, turn off water at house, unplug or turn off breaker to the water heater, shut off valves to toilets, unplug washer and dryer, bring in containers and check security of doors and windows.
  • Opening Services: $30
    Turn on electrical breakers, turn on all water mains, turn on water heater and icemaker, plug in electrical items, adjust AC, open blinds, freshen toilets.
  • Emergency Services: $30 per incident
    If you would like Emergency Response Services, please notify your alarm company that AHI Property Watch Services is a key holder and not a security company. As such, we will respond to alarm notification in as timely a fashion as scheduling permits. Service call charges include property inspection after alarm notification and re-arming system. Owner will be notified if there are any visible signs of intrusion or damage, and will be sent an email report.
  • Pre-storm and Post-storm Inspection: $30 per inspection
    At your request AHI will check on your home pre-storm, insure that all furniture is inside, all shutters are down and perform any special requests for your property. Post-storm, AHI will inspect your property, look for visible signs of damage, take photos of damage and send a detailed email report to owner.